Blue Rose Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Blue Rose Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Blue Rose

Most people are familiar with using humidifiers in the Winter with the dry heated air that the heaters put out in the home. However, humidifiers are actually a benefit to improve air quality in the home year around especially in hot dry areas that many live.

The Blue Rose Humidifier from Kitchen Kneads Marketing is a great addition to one’s home. mood-light-SIt can go in any room with its Anion Ultrasonic design that does not put out the hot mist from boiling and huge water particles that get all over everything in the room. Specially designed for a cool mist through ultrasonic vibration that is quiet and puts out a finer water particle mist that is safe in any room with electronics. The eye catching design of a budding rose makes it pleasing to the eye. ln addition, the Blue Rose Humidifier can be used as a night light which kids love to have going in their room.

Between the cool mist and the comforting color pulses of the mood light, it can bring some serenity to the home especially for those under the weather. The Blue Rose humidifier’s mood light can be used with or without the water being in the unit which is simply turned on or off by the touch of the button and with the Anion Ultrasonic design it is even quieter than other preceding humidifiers.

As for power consumption, it uses less than an average light bulb and can cover about 100 square foot room for up to 10 hours. You can use plain tap water, distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water. However, l prefer to use distilled water in mine to help eliminate scale buildup and putting other contaminants in the air.

Great Features Not Found in Most Humidifiers:

Adjustment KnobWide Range Humidity Settings: Turn the dial for more or less humidity with a wide range of settings.

See-Through Water Tank: See-through tank allows you to plainly see the water level.

Auto-Shut Off: Will automatically shut off when the water is out.

NO Filters: Uses no filters, saving you the expense of buying replacements. Filters often are creators of mold that then gets blown into the air, you are better off without them.

Cool Mist: Creates a cool mist using ultrasonic vibration that is quiet and puts out a finer water particle mist that is safe in any room with electronics.

Mood Light: Mood light can be used with or without the water being in the unit,or left off if wanted.

Fragrance-Bottle-RemovalFragrance Bottle Receptacle: 0ne can fill a bottle with their favorite fragrance or essential oil by simply unlocking the bottle, removing the wick and filling the bottle. Then you simply replace the wick and put bottle in the receptacle and twist to lock. Now you can enjoy whatever fragrance or essential oil along with the use of your humidifier. No messy drawer and a stronger scent without mixing of smells with the change of a bottle with a different fragrance, which extra bottles with wicks are available. (NO CINNAMON OIL)

Low Power Consumption: Uses less than an average light bulb.

Available in White or Blue

Available in White or Blue

We, at Kitchen Kneads Marketing, have enjoyed the benefits of a humidifier and essential oils for improved sinus and breathing ability at home and at work. We wanted to find a humidifier that was quieter, more pleasing to the eye, help promote better wellness, and had the ability to better use real non-synthetic essential oils at a lower expense. We found that many that were noisy, geared for children, or just were not aesthetically pleasing. The Blue Rose Humidifier does what we wanted and it has no messy trays with constant changing of pads, just a quick change of the bottle underneath.

This wonderful humidifier is a great benefit to any home or office for help with better wellness and stress. Not only good for just the winter but a benefit year-round, and all for a lower price.

Blue Rose Humidifier

Blue Rose Humidifier

Blue Rose Humidifier

Blue Rose Humidifier